Feeling sad at Christmas? 4 Ways to Overcome

During a joyful time like Christmas, we may not give any thought to those who may be sad during this season. Loss and loneliness can be very high for so many. Melissa gives great insights on how to find joy and peace during a sad or stressful time this year. Enjoy!

Melissa McLaughlin ~ Truthful Grace

By Melissa McLaughlin

If we are honest, we would all admit having experienced this at some point… The world around us dances merrily to the joyful strains of Christmas hallelujahs while we sit quietly, the inner hum of sadness drones on, a low and steady beat in our spirits. We may smile for the camera, sing along to the Christmas carols, bake cookies for the family gathering, but underneath it all, the soul-weight pulls downward, like a gravity of the heart.

Though we read once again the story of our Savior’s birth, we find no joy in His coming.

Though we remember Him, born as a humble child, we see no wonder at this gift.

Though we sing of angels and shepherds and kings bowing down, our worship seems hollow.

Perhaps it was the loss of a loved one.

Perhaps the loss of a job or ministry.

Perhaps the loss…

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